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President Donald Trump kept his promise to all Midwestern farmers when he called on the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to lift an outdated ban on E-15, a 15-percent ethanol blend, so it could be sold during the summer.

Farm families depend on a competitive agriculture market and without ethanol production, the multi-year plunge in farm income would only get worse.

E-15 also saves drivers money by increasing competition at the pump and decreasing our dependence on foreign oil. But if the Trump administration really wants to improve the rural economy, it must stop ignoring another biofuel issue.

Right now, the EPA is handing out secret refinery exemptions to some of the world’s largest oil companies, like Exxon and Chevron. These secret refinery exemptions allow big oil to simply ignore federal laws and push biofuels out of the market. By doing this, the EPA is hurting the same market that President Trump vowed to protect with E-15.

My family, like millions of others, relies on a strong agricultural economy being competitive, and these secret refinery exemptions are doing serious damage. President Trump needs to demand the EPA stop giving exemptions to big oil.

Russel Braun


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The problem is, how much do you really save? E 10 gets roughly 3-4% less mpg and E 15 4-5% less. E 85 gets 15-27% less mpg(some as much as 34%) There is a reason that many small engine manufactures, boat engines, etc specifically say do not use ethanol in their products.

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