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I’d like to respond to the letter about the Salvation Army dated Dec.19, 2019.

In the Bible Luke 3:14, Jesus told soldiers to “be content with your wages.” But as I have informed presidents of the United States and governors of Michigan, during the 50 years I have worked with every decade I have seen prices of everything go up higher than wages. About half the population has an income of minimum wage. In less that three years, my income will be reduced by one third.

I’m now retired on an income of about $1,500 per month. If I was working, my take-home pay would be about $1,200 per month because of governments wanting money to keep them going. One percent of taxpayers are the very rich. They can afford anything they want, even President Donald Trump bragged he doesn’t pay taxes.

Another 49 percent have at least enough money that if something comes up they can pay for it or get a bank loan. We, the 50 percent poor, want to give but our bills and needs come first. If money is left over, we need it because if something should come up we might have a small savings account. If we were to save even $5 tomorrow, we might need $10 that’s $5 less for food, gas, entertainment, etc.

So, we, the very low income, know what it’s like to need money because we also could use extra money. A few years ago President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama each gave out $250. It’s reported by the news media that the economy grew “slightly.” It’s proof that if lower-income families had more money our economy would increase. We know small businesses are struggling with paying minimum wages, but some businesses could pay more — but won’t — so we stay in a slow economy.

The people who say Americans are the richest people in the world — they are among the lowest-paid people.

Russell J. Terry


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Oh this can't be true! Trump and his supporters brag how great the economy is doing. It wouldn't be fake news would it?

Mother Hen

Donating isn't just about giving money, although that is a definite need for charitable organizations. One can give of their time, and talent/skills and that is free. Giving is wonderful as it blesses both the receiver and the giver.

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