I’m writing this letter because I want to see changes in the community for disabled citizens to have an easier time gaining employment.

This is a problem because we have no facilities in our community that are made specifically for disabled citizens to get help finding employment, like a staffing agency.

I went to an agency to get help finding employment and was turned down due to my disability. I was told they cannot help people like me.

This made me feel angry and confused, because they are here to help citizens find employment.

I believe if there were a facility made specifically for disabled citizens to get help finding work, it would look like this — help with filling out job applications and visiting businesses to help show what the work at that business is like.

Having a program that let us volunteer would let us see if the job would be a good fit. More time with a work coach, and more time to learn how to work in the business world.

This has been a problem in Owosso for a long time. I hope to see changes in five or 10 years, but I wish it would change now. This has been a problem for me for the last two years.

I want to get a job now so I don’t feel useless in my household. The hard part of not having a job has been too stressful and now I feel lazy.

I want to feel successful and like I’m contributing to society. I’m not sure who to talk to or bring attention to, or to help solve this problem in our community, but I would really like to see something done about this.

This is a huge issue in our community and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

There are a lot of people that this affects, including myself.

Please help get my word out so we can help change people’s lives for the better.

Jacob Davis


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Great letter, thank you! This is absolutely something that we must continue to work on and continue to make progress. In the meantime, a couple of suggested sites to check into are mitalent.org/people-with-disabilities and usa.gov/disability-jobs-education.

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