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Twenty-four hours after Trump’s undeniably racist suggestion that some elected members of Congress should “go back where they came from,” I contacted U.S. Rep. John Moolenaar, R-Midland, to find out if he had issued a comment condemning the president’s remarks.

His intern refused to say whether such a statement was issued — or if it would be forthcoming. I take it as an article of faith that, in failing to respond to such a heinous pronouncement within hours (let alone a full day) indicates a definitive non-response and therefore an unambiguous consent.

I will not, I cannot support any elected official, especially my own congressman, who does not feel the urgency to disavow such vile, bigoted speech.

But then, he apparently isn’t alone in his capitulation to Trump; most Republican members of Congress have joined him in this cowardly silence.

Thomas Smith


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Mother Hen

His silence is to be expected, IMO. He hasn't been vocal about the 1000s of lies, the cyber-bullying, the overall distastefulness of Trump's behavior.


The good ole boy network. One spoon fed rich guy protecting each other.

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