Letter to the editor

A recent letter to the editor was headlined: “Left doesn’t hold Biden accountable like it did Trump” That letter reminded me of many other things for which the left does not hold Biden accountable.

I’m waiting for “Saturday Night Live” to choose another “lookalike” scapegoat for Biden like it did for four years for Donald Trump. That look alike always pushed his lips way forward supposedly to look like Trump. I’m waiting for the three networks’ late night show hosts to repeatedly slam-dump Biden like they did Trump which brought on roars of simpleton laughter from the mainly “left” audience.

I’m waiting for some daily papers to print disrespectful, rude, distorted cartoons of Biden they did for four years of the Trump administration. I’m waiting for CNN to discontinue contrasting every news event Fox News prints.

I realize that Fox News is critical of CNN. It takes a certain amount of logic to make one’s acceptable decision.

Last, I’m waiting for the left to realize their leadership has resulted in a huge mistake in Afghanistan.

The rate of inflation has risen more than it has for the past several years. Gas prices are much higher than a year ago. Our country has lost much respect due to Biden’s quiet, laid-back method of presenting himself, leaving the world to see him as an “easy pushover.”

I am waiting for the left to compare their own personal check/balance accounting system to the continuous “freebie” economy of our current administration and to accept that if one’s balance is lower than what they choose to spend, a change must be taken in an account.

I am waiting to see fewer “Help Wanted” signs after some people do not receive any more governmental handouts.

I am waiting for the left to realize how quickly our nation is becoming more socialistic due to the influence of China.

Not only am I waiting, but I am also extremely concerned over the too-rapid change I have lived through under the recent left governmental control.

I wish to point out to the reader that I am concluding my letter to the editor by choosing not to use Hitler, Nazism, nor communism in my assessment of our current left oriented administration.

I was born in 1929, lived under the above three governments and assess that the three are extremely poor choices. Those who have used those three terms had no idea what they really meant to people living back then.

James Crawford

New Lothrop

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Great letter and so very true! Prayers for our America.

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