Letter to the editor

On July 11 a letter raised the question, “Who are the attendees at Donald Trumps rallies?”

Well, the mainstream media contend nobody attends his rallies. The writer acknowledges tens of thousands of rally attendees, “… certainly seem to idolize him…” That’s certainly not going to earn him Pelosi puppet points.

In the next paragraph he opens with the shocking revelation that mental health professionals have “collectively”(?) evaluated his behavior (as I’m hope they have done everyone in that stressful position). Here is where he redeems himself. Rather than proffer actual quotes or census opinions he “reveals” several things they “might conclude…” and “most likely believe…” without supporting those “guesses” with anything.

Of course, with the same degree of supposition one could just as easily proffer they “might” conclude his every action is an attempt to care for the welfare for the citizens of this country and is trying to rebuild and preserve the democracy damaged in the last administration.

The contention is that if President Trump “… really was concerned about his followers he would not have chosen to give billions of dollars to the most wealthy 1 percent…” Clearly this writer needs a lesson in how bills are passed. President Donald Trump needed the writer’s hero’s in the House to pass the bill as well, must be Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her puppets aren’t concerned with our citizens either.

Additionally, speaking of giving away billions, we might assume President Barack Obama only cared for the welfare of Iranian citizens since he gave them billions as well. I wonder if those billions “trickled” down to them. I doubt it, but at least President Trump’s give away billions stayed here.

Randy Rhodes


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Yep. Billions. Trump gave me $7.55 weekly tax cut. The billions went to his friends. Oh, by the way. What has happened to the deficit? Up and up....

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