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I have this recurring dream. In it I watch as a moving van is traveling north just about to cross the county line. Behind it is a car with a sign with the message “Alaska or bust” duct-taped above the back bumper. I recognize the car and driver as a well-known, elected county official.

In the dream I know the truck contains well-used campaign signs, also Kool-Aid-making and dispensing equipment, and supplies such as cups and straws.

Many people in this county have Operated Under the Influence of Kool-Aid (OUIK) that was dispensed and offered for consumption by this official. In the dream, some of the sippers are obscure people I don’t know, while there are others I know quite well who cannot hold their Kool-Aid and are no doubt addicted to the recipe and effects from over-indulgence.

Drinking this liquid has had, for some, aside from the initial sense of euphoria, a very negative effect on their personal and professional lives, while others “out of solidarity” have not yet recognized the peril they may face and are still OUIK.

As my dream continues, I am made aware of a group of people acting like they were hypnotized, forming a caravan of cars behind the Eagles club in Owosso. Those cars all have the same “Alaska or bust” signs attached to them. Approaching from the distance, I notice that all are sipping from straws. Then I recognize the faces of those county officials who are still OUIK. Before the caravan leaves and before I can yell good riddance — I wake up.

Back to reality, I will tell you with my eyes wide open: The Kool-Aid stand is still open and the product is still being consumed by many and in large quantities by certain ones in power.

Watch the YouTube video of the county board’s organizational meeting of Jan. 6 for an example. The Kool-Aid stand needs to be destroyed and the operator removed from all political activities in this county.

As I was writing this, I learned of the full resignation of Commissioner and former Chairman Jeremy Root. At least and at last I can yell good riddance toward him. In my dream, he wasn’t the driver of the first car out of town. The worst always flee first.

Current Chairman Greg Brodeur and Vice Chairman Brandon Marks will make great team leaders of the board. Now we need to tweak the list of the remaining members. I call for the resignation of commissioners Cindy Garber and Gary Holzhausen to complete the transformation.

Alan Sorenson

Rush Township

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