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Is Owosso football ever going to clean house?

I went to an Owosso varsity football game and was in shock. When did Owosso go from really cool blue and gold uniforms to those ugly blue and white ones? They look awful.

But when your head coach stands on the sideline with his hat on backward and shorts on, he looks like he was late for the game and that’s what he came in with.

Both the head coach and the athletic director need to be fired. When you win four games in five years, how can you still be there?

It seems Owosso only hires coaches who have been fired from other schools because of their losing record.

Wake up. Our superintendent needs to clean house. Dr. Andrea Tuttle, our coaches don’t always have to be teachers. Our players play hard and never quit, but we have no leadership or Owosso tradition.

Rob Gilroy


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Boy, do I agree with you! Something has to change!


sad but true,,,,And why isnt there a dress code for these coaches


I lookout on the field and feel so sad for the players. That coach has brought nothing to Owosso. He thinks those same 4 plays are somehow gonna work like magic. Every school in the conference and those outside would only have to watch them play once. And they would know exactly how to defend them. Well I can see there are no administrations kids playing football, or that coach would have been fired awhile ago . And do you think the spectators dont realize it? Please make a change for the kids. No

Matter how big and beautiful your school is…. If you don’t have good sports programs , you are not going to draw students in.


So true, big changes have to be made. Time for some house cleaning.

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