Letter to the editor

It’s so sad. Look how one man has been allowed to literally destroy in less than two years what we have striven for 240-plus years to show the world — what outstanding values we, the United States, stand for.

Do your fact checking, almost everything the man touches is destroyed, his business partners and business ventures mostly all filing for bankruptcy so he could pad his own pockets.

Back in the 1920s and ’30s, there were people who ruined peoples lives by belittling and bullying, and destroying people, they were called the mob. Now we have another like person, but he is in a powerful position, our president.

I know this is harsh and hard for people to read, but think really hard about this. A person who calls the leaders of Russia, Saudi Arabia and North Korea his friends and us his seeming enemy if we do not bow down to him and give him unlimited adoration. It will probably take us decades, if ever, to restore the world’s faith in us and our values as a nation.

I, for one, highly respect the office of the president and what it stands for, but can’t stand for how this resident seems hell-bent to destroy all of us in order to make himself look more important. He will drag us all down, then start to talk up a storm about how he and only he can bring us back from our downward spiral.

It’s too bad the Congress we have all elected does not stand up to right our moral ship, but seems to busy only protecting political parties. I blame both sides of the aisle as I feel that if moral people would stand up for what is right, they may find many more would follow.

Gerry Hittle

Bennington Township

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Mother Hen

Well stated. Thank you.


Yes, very well said.

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