Letter to the editor

The Shiawassee County Republican Party strongly condemns the decision by the Board of Commissioners to use COVID relief funds as bonus payouts.

Our entire county must come first, we believe in fiscal responsibility The Board of Commissioners has returned the funds to the county and we are happy that it was done quickly.

We believe the best way of to move forward is to make sure decisions are made publicly and in the best interests of our community.

Shiawassee County Republican Party

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How brave of you, to take this courageous stand that you know 95% of the readership already agrees with. The party you stand for is corrupt to the core.

Vote ALL Republicans out in November.

Mark Coscarelli

What a weak and shameful public statement from the party. The commissioners in question are among you. How about supporting the need for honesty, integrity, accountability, and truth? Truly pathetic.

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