Letter to the editor

In speaking for the Senate Republicans on Friday, the leader of President Donald Trump’s legal team, Alan Dershowitz, argued the president has the right to do whatever he wants as long as he feels it’s in the nation’s best interest.

After that, a vote took place that prevented bringing the impeachment process to its next logical phase: a real trial. By all polling measures, two-thirds of the American public want an authentic trial with documents and witnesses examined. We’re not going to get that.

In ignoring the people’s will, a shameless and cynical majority showed us that power matters more than justice or the people’s voice.

Whereupon the distinguished historian John Meacham observed that we are now, functionally, a monarchy. Now Trump is the state. Using the rationale Dershowitz advanced, Trump could now justify jailing Joe Biden because, to his mind, he won’t be “good for the country.”

Moreover, Trump could adjourn Congress indefinitely and call off the next election. He could dismiss the Supreme Court. If people took to the streets to protest, he could shut down the news media, declare martial law and start filling stadiums with citizens under guard. Where might all this go? Chile, 1973?

Is a boneyard of extreme right-wing nationalism just down the road a ways? Whether it’s a family, a business or a nation state — a grandiose narcissist with no constraints always brings disastrous suffering.

A question hangs: Can someone duly accused be acquitted without a trial? What we’ve just witnessed is a cabal of faux conservatives subverting our Constitution to stage a faux trial to cover up the shadowy exploits of a faux president. I don’t know about the monarchy business; to me it feels more like we could stumble into a banana dictatorship

David Glenn


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