Letter to the editor

Don’t worry folks. President DonaldTrump, The Chosen One, who is the smartest man in the world (ask him, he’ll tell you) has his Sharpie ready and has redrawn the border of Kansas and Missouri, just to say he was right.

The Senate will vote to confirm the border change.

Ray Gadd

Bennington Township

Editor’s note: After the Super Bowl, President Donald Trump mistakenly tweeted congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs and the entire “great state of Kansas.” The Chiefs are based in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Mother Hen

In all fairness...there is a Kansas City in Kansas. It is located approximately 4.5 miles west of Kansas City, MO. Yes, he used the wrong Kansas City location in reference to the Super Bowl.


I know my geography. "In all fairness?" NO excuse for tweeting things you do not know. Fact check first. I know that there is a Kansas City, Kansas. You are taught that in second grade. I also know where the border of Alabama and is. But I'm not threatening my high school and college schools if they release my grades! He ain't no where smart as he thinks he is....And he has his finger on the "button." Terrifying.

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