Letter to the editor

We are on the brink of war with Iran.

Please understand the whole mess is bound up in deceit and lies. Our sick and demented President Donald Trump is impeached and flailing about with no regard for the country or the world.

The Israeli Mossad, which has long embraced assassination with vicious and regular enthusiasm, repeatedly passed on killing Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. The restraint was always based on a careful reckoning of the cost and benefit of this targeted assassination.

Cadet Trump has taken this step with about the same deliberation he used the last two weeks selecting his irons on his many forays on the fairways. There is reason to believe he chose an option his handlers never thought he would select. He now seems to trust those same deep-state intelligence sources he blames for his impeachment.

Understand that this war, as with every war since World War II, if it happens, will be conducted on the basis of lies and deceit, contravening the Constitution in the pursuit of world domination.

All my long life, I have been able to summon a warm feeling of being an American, even as I have recognized an ugly complicity with the terrible outrages regularly emanating from Washington, D.C., since we went empire in 1945.

Presently, I am flooded with disbelief and despair that we might be blundering into a repeat of the Iraq catastrophe. If so, it will be fueled by the same vile motives of war mongers and war profiteers, in Washington and Tel Aviv.

Richard Labdon


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It's easy to start a war when you have no dog in the fight. How many rich, politicians kids are in the military? Trump was too much of a coward. You don't think any of his family is enlisted do you? Ha!

Mother Hen

Well said, Mr. Labdon.

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