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As we all face the looming and likely life-threatening return of our children to in-person classrooms, there are two distinctively different kinds of parents, education professionals and politicians: the carefully cautious and the insanely maniacal.

The poster child of the latter is Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. This authentic maniac sees himself as the Trump successor of 2024 and is gleefully prepared to throw the lives of Floridian kids under the bus of a fanatic, right-wing fantasy: that the act of depriving local school districts of the only hope unvaccinated students have to stay safe (in the face of the deadly delta wave) is more important than saving human lives.

After decades of Republican insistence that reliable local control was essential to our way of life, DeSantis now proclaims his power to circumvent the judgments of all school administrations to protect their charges.

Next we come to educators, who are now beginning to conclude that vaccine mandates for their ranks is the only way to present an example of good citizenship and protect the children they have dedicated their lives to caring for.

More and more businesses, workplaces and universities are making this same decision: that requiring vaccination for those able to receive it not only protects their employees and customers, but makes their businesses and workplaces available for all who wish to toil and enjoy leisure in the safest possible environment.

Lastly, we come to parents. It is unimaginable to believe that any sane parent could be capable of placing their political fanaticism ahead of their child’s welfare; and yet this is happening and enthusiastically driven by the likes of the Abbott’s and DeSantis.’ Let me close with a simple, yet profound analogy: suppose your son or daughter enlisted in the services—-and was about to be deployed into a combat zone.

If given a choice of whether to permit him/her to wear ballistic armor, would you want his commanding officer to issue an order outlawing his access to a flak jacket? That is the kind of insanity, the kind of stupidity, the kind of cruelty coming out of the mouths of such parents and politicians.

Thomas Smith


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The perception is a matter of whether the People believe all the garbage spewed by the MSM and the fictitious Fauci whom shall soon have a federal indictment for his arrest.

Matthew Shepard

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