Letter to the editor

To explain how evangelical Christians can support President Donald Trump, consider this.

Everyone on this earth is equally in need of God’s grace, we are all sinners, every day. It is faith in Jesus Christ and what he has done for us that makes us Christian. There are two major main areas I see Trump making a difference, religious liberty and life.

Christians are on red alert watching religious liberties come under serious attack. Some want to remove “God” from every aspect of our society.

Trump’s incredible speech at the United Nations Sept. 23 in defense of religious freedom was spectacular and spot on. It is what our great country was formed on.

In the 1990s and beyond, some Democrats were pro-life. Neither party could claim this moral issue. President Bill Clinton spoke of making abortion “safe, legal, and rare.” Sadly, this is no longer the case. Despite ultrasound and 4-D imaging, abortion is being endorsed — often beyond viability and until birth. If slavery was rightly considered wicked and a moral/political issue, how can abortion be anything else?

Then, too, consider what America would look like without Trump: Borders would be open and the “what’s in it for me movement,” socialism, would be taking over. Can this be responsibly ignored?

Evangelicals may concur with Abraham Lincoln in seeing America as “the last best hope of earth.” It is hardly surprising or shocking they would rally behind a president with the fortitude to defend that vision of America.

Dennis Hrcka


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So "our great country was formed" on being a religious hypocrite and a criminal? They support him because of TWO things. Religious liberty and life. Oh wait. Three things. Borders would be open.(which they have never been "open") And you might check ports where the biggest drug busts are happening. But ignore the dozens of things he has done elsewhere. Not many Christians support racism as he does. YUP! God help us....


Great Letter - Thank you

Re: Racer Ray - Here's a tip - Don't be a follower, break away from "that flock"


Don't need tips. Just for him to be gone. Permanently.

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