How many audits have been perfomed for the Maricopa County, Arizona, November 2020 presidential election results?

The latest findings that more votes were discovered in President Joe Biden’s favor than before have been an eye-opening, shot-in-the-head to our egomaniacal former 45th president.

So, at a rally in Georgia, with his sad sack supporters cheering him on, Donald Trump says the media’s reporting of the audit is disgraceful and dishonest. For someone like this person to question anyone’s honesty and integrity would be like the late Don Rickles giving a lecture on how to be humble.

The beat goes on as these right-wing crusaders are blatantly determined to prove their claims of voter fraud in more of the so-called “swing states.” Isn’t it rather curious that they believe the election results in the states they won were legitimate and above board?

At an actual event that took place Oct. 26, 1985, in Kansas City, Missouri, the Kansas City Royals and St Louis Cardinals were entering the ninth inning of Game 6 of the World Series with the Cards leading the series three games to two, and ahead in the game, 1-0.

The first batter up for the Royals was Jorge Orta, who hit a ground ball to first basemen Jack Clark. Clark then threw to pitcher Todd Worrell covering first base. The replay showed Orta was out by a half a step, but umpire Don Denkinger called him safe. The MLB didn’t have challenges then. The next batter, Steve Balboni, hit a foul ball pop-up, which fell between Clark and catcher Darrell Porter. Balboni then singled as Orta moved to second base.

The Royals won the game 2-1 and demolished the demoralized Redbirds 11-0 in Game 7. Poor Denkinger was the recipient of many death threats among ominous letters and phone calls for his infamous call. So now, perhaps then-manager Whitey Herzog — now age 89 and counting — could demand that the ninth inning be replayed after almost 36 years because of that missed call; perhaps implying that the call cost the Cardinals the World Series.

Does this read like a similar plot by the GOP in (attempting to) disenfranchise the 2020 election, whereby they are claiming foul and that voter fraud prevented Trump from being reelected?

Might seem logical to My Pillow Guy, Mike “Irascible, Delusional” Lindell, who now is alleged to declare that Trump will return to office by this Thanksgiving. He previously predicted Sir Trump was to be reinstated Aug. 13. What happened, Mike?

Despite our nation’s ongoing struggle with the dreadful resurgence of the COVID-19 deaths, perhaps Trump and his misguided Trumpians will, regardless of that, continue with their onslaught in declaring a stolen election and voter fraud of the otherwise valid, certified 2020 presidential election. We shall see.

Marv Sanders


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