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Farmers in Michigan have faced a challenging year, and there’s no clear end in sight.

Decisions in Washington, D.C., have left corn farmers like me uncertain about the future of our farms. Powerful oil lobbyists have pushed leaders in our nation’s capital to gut the market for biofuels, destroying markets for our family farm, despite the president’s outward support of the farm community on the campaign trail.

Time after time, President Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to give handouts to big oil companies like Exxon and Chevron. The agency’s Small Refinery Exemptions (SREs) allow oil companies to bypass federal biofuel regulations. These SREs have slashed demand for more than 4 billion gallons of biofuels made from farm crops, forcing ethanol plants across the country to close their doors. This means more pain for farmers and rural workers.

Hearing our concerns, Trump promised the EPA would restore all lost gallons as the law requires. Unfortunately, the EPA sided with oil yet again and introduced a rule that offers farmers no certainty moving forward. The EPA must comply with the president’s promises to rural Michiganders. It’s imperative we continue to call on leaders in Washington, D.C., and ask for their support throughout these negotiations.

Scott Miller

Fairfield Township

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The serial liar did it again? Say it can't be so..... Keep votin' for him

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