Letter to the editor

I can see why Arnold Dunchock is no longer a member of the state bar of Michigan. He doesn’t know the difference between an accidental shooting and first-degree, premeditated murder.

I may not have a law degree, but I’m not stupid by any means when it comes to the language of the law.

I know both families involved in the Tim Kiley death. I went to school with Frank Garcia and Kiley’s brother Chris.

Mr. Dunchock, it was stated that Ronald Hammond had planned on killing someone, which he did and it happened to be Tim Kiley, with an accomplice being Garcia.

Kiley, 23, was “executed” north of Owosso and his body dumped into the Shiawassee River. How can you write that this murder was an accident and it was done by a troubled boy possessing a gun with a defective trigger.

Really? It wasn’t your son who was shot and tossed into the river.

An accidental death would be caused by a lawful act under the reasonable belief that no harm was likely to result. This was no accident.

Kiley has been gone 35 years and he is not coming back. Hammond was the trigger man, troubled or not. He took a life.

It’s too bad the Kent County prosecutor can’t do his dirty work in his own county and instead put it on our own Hon. Judge Stewart.

Max Spencer


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