One disturbing trend in this country is the destruction of the work ethic. Millions of people, black and white, seem to believe they are entitled to a living without working.

American recovered from the Great Depression because the majority of people recognized the value of hard work.

Now, radical socialists are trying to procure votes by promising free benefits to people who are too lazy to work to support their own existence.

This idea of stealing wealth from people who work hard has destroyed the economies of many African countries, like Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

There is already too much socialism in America and it is the reason for sluggish economic growth and increasing poverty.

While I sometimes vote Democratic, I will not vote for any candidate in November unless they renounce radical socialism.

As much as I dislike Donald Trump, I may vote Republican in the next election.

Despite his faults, he is more likely to save the economy than any Democrat.

Charles Bursch


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America is an example of extreme socialism? Really? Newsflash, Canada, and most other developed countries are far more socialist than we are. This writer offers a terrible rational to use when deciding who to vote for, that much is clear.

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