I was at Karl Manke’s barbershop with many fellas and a lady and got my hair cut, too. Karl and I talked. He was there Monday, opening day, and worked 14 hours straight. No lunch. He was taking appointments and when I was about to leave he had made an appointment for another customer at 9:30 p.m.

After I left, I got to thinking, Karl has to eat sometime, so I went to our local KFC and got him a three-piece, extra crispy meal with all the fixings. It’s something you can eat hot or cold. I delivered it to a standing room-only barbershop. I said, “Karl, lunch is on me today.” Then I left.

Karl is doing a fine, essential job for the community. All I ask is this, to our local police, Michigan State Police and Sheriff’s Office and prosecuting attorney, please leave Karl alone and go after someone else who is actually doing wrong in Owosso.

Get the meth and cocaine off the streets. Drugs are non-essential. Cutting hair is an essential part of staying clean and healthy.

Max Spencer


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He is breaking the law! The police are just enforcing it. If you don't like the law, work to change it. Don't do what you darn well please....

JMB 1911

Ja! get that 77 year old barber off the streets to make it safer!


But the minor crime of shoplifting still gets people arrested.Why? Because it's a crime! Jawohl?

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