Under President Donald Trump’s policies, the economy is growing, wages are rising, and there are thousands of new manufacturing jobs in Michigan alone.

President Trump gave a strong speech that focused on the issues that matter most to Michigan families including infrastructure, lower prescription drug prices, caring for our veterans, and expanding rural broadband.

There have been many victories for the American people in the past three years, and I look forward to working with President Trump and my colleagues to achieve more in the year ahead.

U.S. Rep. John Moolenaar

Michigan 4th District

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It's too bad that Moolenaar doesn't have the cahonas to ask for witnesses that surveys showed 75% of the people wanted, or have the cahonas to do his job, or answer the letter on January 27th in the Argus asking him for clarification on questions, but can defend a president with all the "good" he supposedly has done. Fake News! Mitt Romney for president! He has guts.


Do you believe Mools math? 1500 jobs to be lost at US Steel. The same company that trump was touting as building new factories. Oops! Fake news. Or the tens of thousands of jobs that have been lost in retail? The only people gaining in this supposed recovery are the 10% of the people that own 84% of the stock and the top 1% that own 50%.

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