In 2016, Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to get us out of the Middle East. During his first year in office, he withdrew from a carefully negotiated plan which had successfully kept Iran from developing nuclear weapons — and would have continued to do so for more than a decade. He complained about President Obama’s drone strikes in the fight against ISIS.

Now, the most incompetent American commander-in-chief in modern times (claiming an imminent threat) has assassinated an Iranian general. However much he was responsible for thousands of deaths, this action was in direct opposition to past national security judgments of both the Bush and Obama administrations, citing the high risk of unintended consequences. He has yet to submit any evidence — either to the Congress or the American people — of any such threat.

Now, in his reaction to Iranian counter-threats to this inflammatory decision, the president of the United States is warning that he is ready to destroy cultural (or historic) sites in direct violation of U.N. and Geneva conventions. This would be a blatant war crime!

Donald Trump has gone (in the face of an impeachment trial) from being the promoter of peace to becoming the architect of a new, totally unnecessary war — conveniently timed to deflect from the coming verdict. Donald J. Trump is utterly desperate to use any corrupt means to allow his presidency to survive. But the sooner his tyranny is buried in history, the better it will be for America.

Thomas Smith


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