Well, the Friends of the Shiawassee River finally achieved their objective of removing both the Shiatown and Corunna dams.

These stakeholders, as they continually refer to themselves in the jargon of grant-seekers everywhere, glommed onto funds made available by excise taxes paid by sportsmen and women to improve hunting and fishing opportunities in our great state. They facetiously feigned concern that fish couldn’t range the entire length of the river.

This is the reason they, and similar associations, always cite for obtaining money for their pet projects. I’d love to be present when they approach property owners upstream in the communities of Fenton and Linden and tell them that the dams that form their lakes are coming out so fish have total run of the river.

I attended a couple of meetings where project engineers assured us that the only significant changes we’d notice would be within 100 yards up and downstream of the former dam site. If you’ve seen it lately, the river is a sand mine from Corunna to Owosso.

Spawning gravel and clam beds that used to postpone such projects are now completely smothered.

Some ‘Friends.’

Mike Martin


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Agree with this writer, 100%. Go look at the river behind McCurdy Park. The river bottom looks like just sand/silt. Further downstream are sandbars. If the MI DNR oversaw any of the dam removal work, it must’ve been while sipping coffee in a distant restaurant.

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