Letter to the editor

I am disgusted with the protests. They turned into a mob like a bunch of destructive wild animals.

In Minnesota, TV showed a street of cars on fire. There was looting. They are just straight up animals, they’re not even human.

Human beings don’t act that way. I understand outsiders come in to do the dirty work.

Why doesn’t the law arrest those people who instigate the violence?

I know the public is upset with law enforcers. The rioting won’t fix the problem or the cause.

Eugene DePeal


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I think that would be the police, don't you? Or maybe the death of George Floyd doesn't bother you all that much. After all the Supreme Court once ruled black people held only 3/5ths the intrinsic value white people people. Oh no they didn't! Oh yes they did!


I find it amazing that the rules for commenting include "no racism" but apparently that rule doesn't extend to the Opinion column. Come on. Eugene here is calling people "animals."

You don't need to be a sociologist to read between the lines here. We know who he's referring to and what he's calling them.

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