Letter to the editor

I was in D.C. on the day of the “coup”and what I saw was a lot of good Americans feeling cheated and were there to speak up.

But it seems like the forces-that-be sent in antifa thugs to pretend to be Trumpsters and cause damage and violence. If you look at most of the troublemakers, they were dressed in black and had bear spray, mace and bottles of urine to toss at innocent folks. No one mentions that wherever liberals go they leave behind a mess, and broken stuff and pushed-over fences. It was no different this time, if I would have seen those antifa thugs breaking things, I would have pulled them dowm myself.

Our fight against fake news must start in our little town. I have come to realize it starts at this very small paper we have right here. Almost every article that is in this paper is against Donald Trump. I have spoken to the owner and he said he could not get any political cartoons making fun of liberals. I called the editor and complained. He is a Nazi party member admittedly. He said he is glad Trump’s free speech rights were removed from the internet. Imagine that, the editorial director in favor of stopping someone else’s right to free speech. How much worse of a crime against our freedoms can a newspaper do?

Nazism starts at 201 Exchange St. I drove 10 hours to Washington just to learn communism and totalitarianism starts right here with Mr. Dan Basso. He obviously is against Trump because he fell for the whole fake show in D.C.

Trump people clean up, respect the police and believe in freedom and responsibility. I assume he was in favor of antifa and Black Lives Matter burning and looting and assaulting people. How sick is it that you can beat a guy with a red hat on and Basso condones it? I suppose he wants the border wall torn down also and any person who wants to come to just come and we will support them and require them to vote liberal.

How long would liberals like it if we beat and robbed and looted their cities? Oh, they already did. They clearly are following exactly the steps Adolf Hitler did. Does he know how and why Hitler invaded Poland? Bet not. Ever wonder how Hitler did it, look around. I know now.

Richard Maurer


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I've noticed that the main folks who object to the Anti-Fascists are the Fascists themselves. This should be a surprise to no one.


I guess you must have born at night, most likely last night. Boy are you brain washed. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.


One thing I've realized for decades is that The Argus-Press welcomes input from any side of any issue. Nazis? Don't think so. Your column would never have been published in Nazi Germany 80 years ago.


So you drove 10 hours to be part of an insurrection attempt and all you learned from it was that... you could just go back home to your boring suburban life and business you own?

Sounds about white.

P.S.: Since you were so forthright about being there, you won't be surprised when the FBI visits you to get your take on what happened, will you?



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