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GOP Impeachment attorney Alan Dershowitz argued on national television that if Donald Trump truly believed his reelection was essential for the good of the country, the alleged pressure (in the form of withheld military aid) applied to Ukraine to force this ally to announce investigations into the Bidens was justified and not impeachable.

This would, therefore, indicate that when Richard Nixon said (regarding the order to break into the Watergate DNC offices): “If the president does it, it’s not illegal” — his actions were also legally justified.

And what if a future president decided his reelection was so critical to the national security of the United States that he found it necessary to order the detainment and incarceration of his election opponent? Under the new “anything goes” Dershowitz theory — that there is simply no such thing as presidential abuse of power — what could possibly stop him?

Thomas Smith


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The "Chosen One" thinks he is better than GOD and must report to no one. Just ask him. He will tell you...

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