We have a bus safety issue in our state and I figure this is going on all across the U.S.

When your kid gets on the bus, they should sit down in their seat, and not stand up or move to another seat while the bus is in motion. If that bus driver has to hit the brakes due to a car pulling out in front of them, that child is going to hit the seat with chest or hit their face on the floor.

I thought it was a law that the kids have to be sitting while on a bus, but apparently not.

It seems Michigan is a sue-crazy state.

Every other commercial is about a lawyer, saying ‘We got millions for this person for their accident.’

You don’t think a parent will go after a school if their child gets hurt on the bus?

This is definitely the fault of the driver, to not have the kids seated.

Bus drivers used to hand out a blue slip if a child did something wrong on the bus, and if it continued, they would be kicked off.

Safety is always our main concern.

Edward Wiseley


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Mother Hen


When you were growing up did you ever do something you weren't supposed to, even though you had been told not to do it? How do you expect the bus driver to watch the kids behind the driver's seat and keep their eyes on the road?

It's up to the kids to follow what they KNOW are the rules. When rules are ignored, it does need to be reported, and a text message or call made to the parents. This should outline what happens when the 2nd offense occurs. No more chances after that. Kid is off the bus for a specified time period based upon history/offense.

Our buses need paid monitors to keep the kids under control and relatively quiet so that the driver can not be distracted.

Oh, and those notes given to the unruly kid--bet many never make it into parent's hands. LOL You know, KIDZ!!! LOL


Paid monitors? Districts can't even get bus drivers....

Mother Hen

Well, paid bus monitors would be in place in a perfect world...don't know how bus drivers do it-driving safely with precious cargo while said precious cargo is full of energy and vocal!


Very, very true!

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