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The most interesting claim made in a Saturday letter was the contention that Almighty God sent Donald Trump as a Jesus-like savior whose political presence was designed to show Americans how our nation should be run. Really?

If President Joe Biden is suffering from dementia, the writer is clearly suffering from delusional insanity. In what universe is the incitement of violent insurrection, in an attempt to reverse a legitimate election, how our nation should be run?

In what democracy, founded on a strict separation of church and state, do we condone hatred for non-white human beings, inviting a policy of separating parents from their children as they flee oppression?

In what Christian-principled society would intelligent followers of Christ forego their human responsibility to embrace the very means of saving the lives of their own countrymen?

It was Donald Trump, the despicable excuse for a compassionate president, who shunned masks, belittled the severity of the pandemic threat and created the anti-government fervor that has given rise to lethally effective, absurd excuses for his devotees to deliberately prolong the new delta surge.

No, Joe Biden is not the villain here. The menace you should acknowledge is the image you see in your mirror: the face of bigotry, ignorance and unbridled stupidity. I truly feel sorry for your confusion between the glory of the love of Christ Jesus and the terror and ugliness of Donald Trump.

Thomas Smith


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Mother Hen

Well said. Thank you.


Awesome Mr. Smith

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