Letter to the editor

The editorial cartoonist Monday was typically misleading, implying that the powerful gigantic Chinese economy was going to destroy a little weakling U.S. economy because of the Trump tariffs.

Of course it is aimed at President Donald Trump, who is the only president in history to try to address the tariff inequality problem. I’m sure he knows that the U.S. economy is twice as large as the Chinese, but I expect that’s about as far as his knowledge on this subject goes.

Cartoonists don’t have to have much depth of knowledge to do their dirty deeds. Does he know that for decades U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods were about 4 percent?

Does he know that all that time Chinese tariffs on U.S. goods were 10 percent?

Does he know that we import about four times the dollar amount of goods from China as they import from us, meaning we have for decades paid hundreds of billions per year more in tariffs than China.

Does he know China avoids competition from us by simply declaring many of our products dangerous, thus preventing their import into China?

But as with most of today’s editorial cartoons, the purpose of the cartoon is not to inform; it is to sell an anti-Trump narrative.

Michael Danek


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