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To ensure you are well informed, a list of comments, concerns, and questions, related to Tuesday’s bond proposal, has been collected from the parents, residents and taxpayers in the Ovid-Elsie School District.

While collecting the questions and comments, a common viewpoint was that specific details were lacking and/or were not well communicated. As a result, many in the district are uneasy with yet another adjustment to the bond.

Many are in search of the details and facts pertaining to the Ovid-Elsie School District, the leadership of the Ovid-Elsie School Board and the leadership of the Ovid-Elsie Schools superintendent.

As we continue to go backward with the bond with what appears to be a never-ending buildup of debt, it is your duty to review this list and communicate details and facts to all of us in the district.

n When will the $5.6 million bond extension passed in 2014 be paid in full?

n What is the amount of interest to be paid by the taxpayers on the 2014 bond extension?

n When will the first payment be made on the proposed bond?

n Will the school board and the superintendent anticipate yet another bond in five years?

n In a recent article it was stated that the Ovid-Elsie School District following a May 1, 2019, payment will still have an outstanding debt of nearly $26.5 million. It was also stated in that article that we have a fiscally responsible school board. In brief, can an explanation be offered as to how adding another estimated $10 million in debt, bringing the total to over $36 million is being fiscally responsible?

n If the bond does not receive the votes necessary to pass, will the leadership at Ovid-Elsie have an alternate plan in place to meet the needs of the district?

n Has the school board/superintendent developed a plan to maintain a strong educational institution while struggling to repay the estimated 36 million in debt?

n Is it safe to say that many of the items to be purchased with money from this proposed bond will have to be replaced yet again prior to 2035 when the repayment of this bond is expected to be initiated?

n While we have been informed this will not raise our taxes, with the bond being extended to 2038, does the superintendent/school board feel it is being responsible to burden our children and grandchildren with debt incurred today?

We understand that the school district has both needs and wants, as do we the parents, residents and taxpayers. We want what is best for our children, for our community and for the future. We need leadership that will be responsible, frugal, dedicated and that is able to make the tough decisions necessary to succeed and to lead this district in a direction that will benefit our children not burden them financially.

If this bond passes, we ask you to spend it responsibly; if it does not pass, we ask you to lead by example, make the tough choices, be frugal and make our children’s education your priority.

Mike Koyne


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