Letter to the editor

I can’t believe the people occupying the White House want us to believe their versions of updates about the coronavirus.

They want all updates from the CDC to be vetted by them before being released to the general public. What is this, Russia? China? North Korea?

What’s next, state run TV and press? I would much rather hear from WHO and the CDC officials who are experts in their field, rather than people in the White House who surround themselves with yes people trying to downplay what will probably become a much more serious problem before it gets better.

In this day and age of global travel, it only makes sense that this has a long way to go. I do not like people thinking they are so much better than us, thinking the general public will not and does not know how to fact check information.

It is sad to think these people want to dumb down the general public like this. I would hope these people would seek out the smartest experts on this evolving situation and get the best information out to the people.

Maybe in November we will get someone there to surround themselves with experts and not yes people. Take care of yourselves, and your families and hope this gets better and not much worse.

Gerry Hittle


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According to Trump this is spelled Caronavirus. Now we know the real reason he don't want his grades made public.....

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