An all-male GOP majority in the Alabama legislature passed a bill that bans abortions (allowing no exceptions of any kin, even for rape) and sends any doctor performing the procedure to prison for 99 years.

These are the same politicians to oppose national prenatal health care, national preschool education, national family leave, national child care and the Medicaid provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

They also continue to reduce access to family planning resources by slashing funding for these clinics.

In other words, these Republicans want to judge women, their pastors and doctors, and set themselves above the individual consciences of every female voter they represent. These are the same legislators who oppose every life-saving proposal to limit access to guns, including universal background checks and the closing of gun show loopholes.

In other words, they want to dictate the reproductive decisions of women, and by that action, dictate the very nature of their sexual relationships. All this hubris by men (without a single woman’s vote) who think they know more about women’s lives than the women themselves. Republicans have, with their support of President Donald Trump, lost any moral high ground they ever earned. And until they begin financially caring as much for newborns as they claim to care about unborn zygotes, they will never be anything but cruel hypocrites.

Thomas Smith


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