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I’m writing this after speaking with a loved one in the Shiawassee County Jail who is sick; it’s because their bed is by a window that has a draft.

My loved one also said the toilet leaks all over the floor. It’s very unsanitary, if you ask me — considering the diseases my loved one, or anyone, could get from feces.

Who does the maintenance for the jail? Surely, it doesn’t cost that much for a caulk gun to seal a toilet or a drafty window?

Sheriff Brian BeGole, with all due respect, if the department can afford a brand-new transport van, it can afford to caulk a toilet and a window.

Let’s keep what needs fixing fixed until a bond is reasonably priced and is passed.

It’s like everything else, preventive maintenance goes a long way until our county residents can afford a new jail.

Max Spencer


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Mother Hen

In my opinion, this type of very affordable, basic, common sense maintenance won't be done because of the want/need of a new jail. To repair/maintain the jail undermines his efforts to get the money for a new jail. No money for maintenance and repairs, but plenty of money to buy a big new pickup truck and that ridiculous Harley motorcycle, along with the transport van. It seems a good used school bus with proper barricades to protect the driver/guard would be a great transport vehicle for a lot less than $80,000. I've seen prisoner transport school buses on the road so it's entirely doable. I question the financial decisions; the fiscal responsibility seems to be lacking. Remember that when it's time to elect a new sheriff.


I don’t know anything so much of the sheriff, in particular, but you are right about the directional incentives operating. If otherwise, it wouldn’t have been allowed to get the way it is.

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