One of the most inexplicable contradictions of the Trump presidency is the unwavering support of evangelical Christians for a man who — as “Christianity Today” proclaimed — is profoundly immoral and ethically incompetent.

Now that a widely read, flagship publication of the religious right has — in the wake of dozens of other secular publications — also called for Trump’s removal from office, it begs the question: “Will this wing of the Republican Party be persuaded that the price of prosperity and conservative judges it simply too high?”

The reason the answer is almost certainly “no” is contained in an often quoted Trump proclamation: “I am the chosen one!”

It is nearly impossible to deny that for many of these folks, Donald John Trump is a new, 21st century messiah.

When a bombastic entertainer becomes a self-proclaimed political savior, his many shortcomings evaporate in a passionate determination to defend him from his critics.

Because this quarter of Trump’s base had long ago aligned themselves to the GOP (beginning with the now passe “moral majority” of the Reagan-Falwell era), their allegiance is as “cast in stone” as any in modern politics.

To permit the lack of human scruples — or even long standing conservative principles — to interfere with that loyalty is now unthinkable.

And so, cardinal failures such as marital infidelity, financial fraud, aligning with enemies instead of allies, cheating in elections — each an unforgivable crime by a Democrat — are aggressively ignored when committed by a Republican demagogue.

And so, with the blessing of no less than Franklin Graham, Christianity is transformed into a rubbery shadow of itself as it struggles to conform to the ugliness, cruelty and deceit of our newly impeached president.

Thomas Smith


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Makes you question what their faith REALLY is?

Mother Hen

The Christianity Today states that Trump is "morally lost". WRONG! One can not lose something that one has NEVER had. He is the epitome of greed, gluttony, lust, with a lack of morals, good character, ethics.


Very well put! That's why I shudder when I hear these people in the Argus talk of their Christian values or Jesus, and still support him.

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