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Two recent letters to the Opinion Page echo the themes of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco in pre-World War II Europe.

The writers assert that Donald Trump may have been a bad guy, but his policies were effective and/or he served some greater good. Much like the empty, hate-filled, delusional rhetoric of these authoritarian fascist monsters, every word of both of these letters is a lie.

One writer said “Trump couldn’t be bought” and implied the allegations of Trump’s Russian collusion and Russian election fraud had no merit, and that Trump has been cleared.

Trump used a corrupted justice department and GOP legislature — and exerted unethical executive privilege — to pressure and block testimony and consequences. There is credible and factual documentation and analysis from the leading intelligence services in the United States and among our allies to show that Russia did in fact meddle in our elections. There is also more than enough evidence of Trump’s connection with Russia and subservience to Vladimir Putin.

One writer said Trump secured our southern border and made us energy independent. He said Trump strengthened our Constitution.

Trump terrorized immigrants of color. Separating children from parents, housing them in crowded, filthy conditions with inadequate food and health care. There have been allegations of sexual abuse, torture, sterilization and unauthorized medical experiments on others. He did this all the while stoking fear and racist anti-immigration rhetoric, despite exploiting illegals working at his properties with slave wages.

Trump did not make our southern border more secure. Drug smugglers and cartels continued business as usual. Trump and the GOP conspiring with the fossil fuel industry, keeping us controlled by an international petrochemical criminal enterprise is not making us energy independent. Green energy is the future, we need to have invested yesterday.

Far from protecting the Constitution, Trump attacked the credibility of legitimate journalists while using the right-wing propaganda machine. He had journalists detained, harassed and, in some cases, physically attacked. Remember the blindfolded abductions of protesters by masked Trump secret police without due process or record.

I publicly challenge any Trump Nazi to factually dispute anything I’ve written. You fascist simpletons are the reason America is considered a joke. The rest of the world sees what more than half of this country does; a sizable fanatical minority: corrupt, racist, brainwashed or absolutely stupid to still support Trump.

Their gullibility makes us look weak and stupid. Tey have made themselves America’s enemy.

Jeff Carmody


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Mother Hen

Well stated. Thank you.


Where would you be if you thumbed your nose at the judicial system as he and his cronies have? Locked up is where.

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