Letter to the editor

County Commissioner Jeremy Root, R-District 5, and County Coordinator Brian Boggs have earned themselves an escort from their friend Sheriff Brian BeGole straight to the county slammer.

Lock those crooks up and throw away the key.

Everything in The Argus-Press report about the scams they perpetrated after a closed meeting was more than reprehensible — it was criminal.

And it appears county attorney Ryan Painter is more than happy to conspire with his unethical friends. Why is he still in that position? What is the status of the lawsuit against the county that was filed due to Painter’s hiring in yet another closed session?

Painter should be fired immediately. After all the shady, backroom dealings some members of the county board and the committee of the whole have participated in — in violation of the Open Meetings Act — for Painter to approve this closed session meeting makes him the No. 1 liability for Shiawassee County taxpayers. Fire him then lodge a complaint against him with the State Bar of Michigan.

I cannot believe such unethical attorneys have been working in our county prosecutor’s office, including the most recent former prosecutor herself. What does that say about our criminal justice system and law enforcement in this county? What won’t these people do to pocket some extra cash or advance their own careers?

When unethical law enforcement agents (including county prosecutors) are enabled by the silence of their colleagues, it jeopardizes the security of all residents who must question whether the Constitution will be consistently be upheld for all, or only for those with the right connections.

Many thanks to The Argus-Press for bringing us the news we need to know about. Thanks also to Commissioner Marlene Webster, R-District 1, for her integrity and leadership.

Theresa Rathwell


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Mother Hen

Isn't Painter a good friend of Boggs? I believe I read that in an Argus article.

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