I used to imagine if I ever reached a ripe old age like 86, I’d be rocking in my chair pondering the cause of my ultimate demise, and fretting a sorrowful departure from those I so love.

In sincere truth, however, my waking hours are increasingly flooded with dreadful fears for the America I shall bequeath to my precious kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. It is the America my immigrant grandfather, and so many others, struggled to reach and so few ever left. It is the America where my father’s “Greatest Generation” survived the world’s greatest pandemic, overcame its worst Depression and with much sacrifice won its most horrific world war.

Then, it was their challenge to rebuild that broken world, while defending in a “cold war” against invasive communism. Most especially it is the America I have been blessed to call my home, my land of opportunity, the nation I have been proud and honored to serve.

It now grieves and frightens me to see that great world power and bastion of freedom, like so much of the world, being devoured by a malignant “ism”: socialism, liberalism, progressivism, communism, Marxism or Bolshevism — call it what you will. With it, I see the demise of my father’s once noble Democratic Party, tragically not realized by many.

I think it’s a national tragedy that heeding the lessons of history is disdained by so many, and is literally being destroyed by others. In the end what else does any individual, or place, or nation have but its name and its story, both good and bad. The rampant, thoughtless, vengeful destruction of statues and buildings, the burning of books, the persecution and intimidation of fellow citizens by obvious anarchists cannot wash away the truth — it can only create new, bad memories.

In the name of social reform and cultural revolution, with the promise of a better social order for all we see a Russia, a China, a Cuba and a Venezuela that few of us would ever immigrate to. Of course, they came about with violence and terror, control of the media and manipulation of news, the neutralization of police, undermining of traditional education and the indoctrination of children, as well as attempts to rewrite history and inciting racial and ethnic turmoil.

The results: totalitarianism at its worst, the replacement of a hated wealthy class with a more ruthless one and an expanded poorer class, the loss of personal freedoms and the end of free and democratic elections. Even Adolph Hitler began his fascist reign of terror as a socialist movement using brown-shirted thugs to riot, loot and intimidate, like black-shirted Antifa today.

My plea cannot be more sincere. Before our next election please, please, please expand your listening and reading. I try to spread my viewing across the spectrum of TV channels. On Fox, for instance, you hear things no one on the left would dare to utter.

Please don’t let your programmed dislike of one obnoxious man lead you to sacrifice our way of life. There may well be a point of no return.

John Edward Morovitz


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Very powerful letter, thank you. Each person must pay very close attention to the world around them and work to help make it better, stronger, not destroy it.

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