Wow. Stupid? Fascists? Nazis?

Well, I guess we can always count on the liberal, lackey letter writers to start screaming childish names when they are confronted with facts.

We can also count on them not to debate these facts, except to call them lies in a total blanket statement. Then they will throw out a bunch of baseless claims and challenge you to prove them wrong.

I’ll tell you what, I’m not going to do your work for you on your groundless claims. You bring forward actual facts and sources to back up the screeds you write. All they are is a slate of progressive drivel that liberals tell each other to pat each other on the back.

Also, as far as America looking weak, we have never looked easier to attack than with our current president. It’s actually criminal what his staff is doing to him.

I must admit, it’s kind of funny. I don’t even like Donald Trump that much, but all you have to do is show the slightest amount of positive news about him and it brings the progressives screeching out of the woodwork like their hair is on fire.

I also must admit that when Trump was in office things were a lot better overall. And if you are honest you would, too.

Carl Stevens


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Divided the country. Economy in the tank because he didn't believe it was real.(It will mysteriously go away when the weather warms up) What year might that be?Record deficits from his tax cuts to the rich. Dumped our allies. Better for who?


But it's ok for Lara Logan pf fox to call someone a Nazi....

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