Letter to the editor

Is anyone paying attention to what the federal government — our president and Congress — elected to represent and protect us are doing?

Raise the debt ceiling to meet current obligations and borrow/spend more for feel-good projects claiming they will raise the taxes on the rich to pay for everything.

Raising the taxes on the rich? This would be the first time in the history of the United States.

Congress writes the tax laws and they would be taxing themselves, plus losing all of the lobbyist money from corporations.

The massive national debt is really the fault of voters. We put these individuals in office and then re-elect them. These so-called public servants become millionaires.

The only time they consider themselves public servant is when it’s time to be re-elected. They talk about fixing the roads and bridges while in reality they are building more roads and roundabouts, electronic billboards, etc.

Free college? Nothing is free. Someone has to pay. Since the rich have all the loopholes in the tax law, guess who gets the bill?

Social Security is running out of money because of miss-management by Congress.

We are taxed to pay for Social Security, then Social Security is taxed when you draw retirement — a tax on a tax.

Is no one outraged by this? You can sit back and blame the Republicans or the Democrats, but they are all equally guilty.

We have the choice, we elect them.

Marv Pesik

New Lothrop

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Mother Hen

It's well past time to dump the two-party system. We need strong and electable third party candidates who aren't beholden to the corrupt, broken system we have in place.

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