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After viewing the last “Saturday Night Live” show, I couldn’t help wonder after six months of his presidency, where is SNL’s silly lookalike of Joe Biden?

For four years, SNL had their lookalike for former President Donald Trump during which the lookalike behaved in a stupid manner with his protruding lips making corny comments as the audience roared with agreeable laughter. Where is that same type of lookalike for Joe Biden?

Further, on The Argus-Press’s Opinion page, where are the disgusting caricatures of President Biden in the daily cartoons? In the Millard Filmore cartoon at the bottom of the Opinion page, where are the disrespectful features of Biden?

It is becoming more and more evident that the ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS networks are controlled by the social-left media.

James A. Crawford

New Lothrop

Editor’s note: “Saturday Night Live” utilized actor Jim Carrey to portray President Joe Biden in multiple episodes. Since he stepped away, regular Alex Moffatt has assumed the same role. Additionally, SNL is currently on summer break and will resume in October. The Argus-Press features a rotation of six to seven political cartoonists who each choose their own topics to highlight, typically something or someone who is currently making news. For better or worse, former President Trump often was the focal point of news many days.

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Thanks again to the editorial staff for including a note of reality when faced with an opinion letter lacking in that area.

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