Letter to the editor

The decennial redistricting process is nearing its completion date and the Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission needs your input to ensure fair, nonpartisan legislative and congressional maps are drawn for the next 10 years.

As many of you know, a revolutionary constitutional amendment was passed overwhelmingly by Michigan voters in 2018 that ended the practice of politicians picking their own voters via gerrymandering, as well as greatly expanded voting rights, including the right to an absentee ballot for any reason or no reason. The will of the voters was clear and decisive. Voters want expanded access to the ballot for all citizens, and legislative and congressional districts that facilitate democracy by enabling voters to choose their own elected leaders rather than the other way around.

Voters have not been able to choose their own elected leaders for several decades. Our state’s electoral districts are currently rigged in favor of Republicans, thanks to the Legislature which has controlled the redistricting process. Michigan’s electoral districts have become the most heavily gerrymandered in the nation, thanks to unethical politicians. Electoral rigging has resulted in a much lower quality of Republican candidates by the peoples’ standards, as well as outright denial of large numbers of Democratic seats that the people voted for and elected by the numbers, only to discover that their votes had been strategically diluted and discounted.

Michigan needs you to step up and speak out to the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission before it finalizes its maps in December. The current proposed maps, most especially the state House of Representatives map, are still heavily biased in favor of Republican candidates. The will of the people was clear that we want 100% nonpartisan maps. No exceptions, no excuses.

Michiganders urgently need a competitive electoral process to be restored. According to AARP, the 2021 Medicare trustees report projects Medicare Part A, which covers hospitalizations, will run out of reserves by the year 2026. The Heritage Foundation has projected that if historical trends continue, Social Security could become insolvent by the year 2024.

These facts underscore the urgency of ensuring a competitive process for elective office candidates through fair redistricting maps.

Please contact the MICRC and submit a comment or draw your proposed map at michigan.gov/micrc. Step up and speak out to insist that the final maps be drawn so as to ensure there is no partisan advantage for either major political party.

Theresa Rathwell


(2) comments

Mother Hen

So disheartening to read of the results of our local re-redistricting. The good ole boys are at it again.

Janet Kiley

Amen to TR! It's very easy to submit a comment...no fancy language needed. This is dEMOCRACY at work...

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