“Clean fuel mobility is a huge new business for Michigan” was the subject of a letter to the editor in Wednesday’s Argus-Press.

I wonder how much practical thinking had gone into that letter as we consider a few facts of reality.

Huge new business for Michigan: One of the top businesses for our Michigan economy is tourism. Let’s imagine a Friday afternoon, especially during our spring, summer and fall months. Traffic going up U.S. 127 is heavy with tourists heading north, many pulling trailers. The RVs are copious, and there are hundreds of passenger cars. Nearly all of these vehicles require a petroleum product of some sort.

I can’t recall seeing electric cars and an electric truck pulling a rig. Impossible.

Heading farther north into Gratiot and Isabella counties, one is confronted with dozens and dozens of huge, whirling wind turbines and there will be many, many more in the years to come. When did the writer last see a beautiful 160-acre family farm converted to an ugly array of hundreds of solar panels?

What will happen to these solar panels years from now when they are covered with inches of blown, eroded soil?

And the land beneath these panels grown to weeds and if treated by chemicals for weeds where will those chemicals eventually end up — leached into the soil.

Battery power? How will the batteries be recharged and when exhausted, where will they be dumped?

Clean fuel? Goodbye Michigan’s tourism industry.

James Crawford

New Lothrop

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Without clean power in decades to come, no one will want to come to Michigan...

Mother Hen

Killing the tourism industry would be rough. Killing our ability to breathe the air, etc. would be a lot rougher.


But if we can't breath, who travels?

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