I have to take issue with two recent letters to the editor. First is the statement that there are no good Republicans. This is so ridiculous I don’t even think Speaker of the House Democrat Nancy Pelosi would sign on.

The second is a reasonable comment on “In public statements, President Donald Trump has declared that the press is the enemy of the people. This is a direct attack on our First Amendment right of free press and speech. In making this declaration he is attacking the Constitution he swore to defend and thus he is in violation of his oath of office.”

But I respectfully argue the writer fails to consider many aspects of the issue.

It is not an attack on the First Amendment; it is the president executing his First Amendment right of free speech.

Our republic depends on a free and balanced press for its very survival. When the press of a country lacks either of these, the country is in big trouble.

Our country does not have a balanced press. It is free, but not balanced. To state this is necessary to get citizens to understand our press has put our country in jeopardy and in no way represents a violation of any kind. When an institution or a person attains a status in which they can’t be challenged, you no longer have the U.S; you have Cuba, where people routinely disappear, sometimes returning after torture and almost dead.

Our press is responsible to fairly and accurately report all the news, and our press has not done that for many years. The press, forgive me for generalizing, but most of the press members consider themselves to be elite and untouchable, unchallengeable.

The president is right to call them out for what they are. If they are not providing free and balanced journalism, they are indeed enemies of the people and the country.

Michael Danek

Sciota Township

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Then the press is right to call him out for all the illegal, mean, crooked, for loving prostitutes, 12,000 + lies, etc. etc. etc. that he has done and continues to do. Remember "freedom of the press is not absolute." It does have consequences......


100% in agreement. Well said, thank you.




Let me clarify... 100% agree with the writer.


So the press calling him for what he is is wrong? Interesting. Another brainwashed Cult Member of Trumpism. You have to be able to think for yourself and not follow the far right wing supremacist views of Fox News.


For the idiots supporting him. Read the letter on December 31st. and respond. If you can.....

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