Letter to the editor

After watching these daily presidential updates on the virus, I just have to shake my head and wonder how anyone can back this president.

He has proven to each of us how reckless, self-absorbed and unfit for the office of president he really is on a daily basis. He has failed to listen to the experts and continues to make this pandemic about him, the stock market and his reelection, and fails to take any responsibility for anything.

People are complaining their business can’t handle being shut down. So your business is more important than people’s lives? This virus roller-coaster ride has just left the gate and is nowhere even close to being over. So, to all you supporters who based this president’s job performance on how well your 401(k) is doing, hang on to your purse strings because it’s going to hit the fan.

Every single Republican senator who voted not to impeach this president, as well as the president himself, has the blood of each and everyone who paid the price for his reckless behavior on their hands.

Debbie Goschke

Owosso Township

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Mother Hen

Thank you. History will remember this emergency response as "too little, too late". Trump golfs and tweets while the world burns. He is anti-science, anti-facts.


Amen Mother Hen


It appears that Trump Derangement Syndrome is contagious.


Jeez. 6:33 am?" You must be troubled and stay up all night just to think of how to defend this deranged individual.

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