I was saddened to hear that Rush Limbaugh passed away. I remember the first time I ever heard him: 1988. A buddy of mine at work, with whom I shared the same political philosophy, called me one day, with the excitement of a prospector who had just discovered gold.

“You should hear this guy. He believes the same stuff we do,” he said. “It’s almost like he’s been listening to us.”

So, I started listening to him.

I consider him to be the Billy Graham of conservative doctrine. Graham’s passion was his faith, the canon that guided him was the Bible, and his message never varied. He believed the biggest threat was the devil and his sermons and writings helped people understand the devil’s modus operandi, and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Rush’s passion was America. The America our forefathers and mothers imagined, built, fought for and preserved. His conservative beliefs were founded in and guided by the Constitution. The biggest threat during the 33 years he was on the air was, and still is today, the culture-canceling, liberal, socio-marxist agenda. He did his part to help us not become their victims.

He did not stop them, but he slowed them down. With his voice silenced, and with leftists now in power in the U.S., I fear that what both Limbaugh and Graham dreaded the most is right around the corner.

Charles A. Robertson


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Rush called women Nazis, he mocked people who died of AIDS, he spent his entire career calling people childish names and spreading rumors. That is how I will remember Rush. Despite that, may he rest in peace, let's all be thankful for a God of forgiveness.

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