I for one am becoming weary of the (too) frequent “hate” Trump letters to the editor.

One such letter appeared in an issue last week and was headlined “Letter echoes themes of WWII strong men.”

Being in my early 90s, I was alive before, during and after World War II so am fully competent to report what happened in real time during that era. Too often, letters to the editor are written around what a writer has heard or based on others’ opinions. I don’t think too many letters to the editor are sent by others my age since they either are not motivated or they feel such letters are of such nonsense. Why should they dignify the misinformation?

I doubt the writer of the letter to which I refer above ever made the effort beyond current media or even more inaccurate social media. Had such writers taken the effort (and interest in truth) to refer to actual historical writings of WW II, the cause, the real results of “strong” men to which the writer refers.

It is obvious that as I process the use of words in such letters that there is considerable educational thinking and that further makes it hard to understand how such terminology is employed.

As perhaps many years your senior and having experienced live the years 1939 through 1945, I suggest to the many Trump hater letter writers: Use your obvious intelligence and do some research, then write your letters of contempt.

On a final note: May I direct readers to the commentary section to the left of the page with the letter to which I refer (page 4 of Nov. 9) where it states: “basic fact: Joe Biden was not elected because his followers thought he would make a great president. The primary enthusiasm behind his campaign was generated not by love for Biden, but by loathing of Donald Trump.”

James Crawford

New Lothrop

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I appreciate very much, your letter. Thank you!

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