Letter to the editor

Who are the attendees at Donald Trump rallies? They certainly seem to idolize him. His followers also seem to be drawn to his celebrity; they love to witness his destructive behavior, even in the wake of his chaos, together with his hate mongering and racist comments.

During the term of his administration, mental health professionals have collectively evaluated his behavior. Might they conclude he really doesn’t care one iota about his followers or their welfare? Also, would they most likely believe Trump simply looks upon his followers as pawns within his grasp for his own self-fulfillment and political preservation?

For example, if President Trump really was concerned about his followers’ welfare, would he have not chosen to give billions of dollars to the most wealthy, the top 1 percent, but instead to those who are in the most need his followers? Do you actually believe any of that money that went to the billionaires will eventually trickle down to his followers? I doubt it.

Also, with 84 percent of stocks owned by just 10 percent of the population, undoubtedly many of his followers haven’t also benefited from the growth of the stock market. Thus, they are just pawns for his benefit.

I wonder how historians will eventually look upon Trump’s autocratic administration, which has been most damaging to the underlying values and principles which formed our democracy. What I also find most disgusting is the capitulation of the Republican leadership in desiring this administration continue for four more years. Shouldn’t they question why 34 of Trump’s appointees to date have been indicted, with two serving jail sentences? Shouldn’t these facts be very alarming to every citizen?

Near the end of the Richard Nixon administration, Sen. Barry Goldwater, a very staunch conservative and well-respected Republican, marched into President Nixon’s oval office to bring about his resignation. To date, there has only been one Republican representative, Justin Amash from Michigan, who had the courage after reading the Mueller Report, to state Trump should resign.

Hopefully, many other conscientious conservatives will follow his lead at the conclusion of Mueller’s testifying before congressional sub-committees. Attorney General William Barr is currently making every attempt to ensure Mueller will never testify, for obvious reasons.

Amash chose to resign from the Republican Party and will campaign as an independent. As expected, he has been pummeled by the Trump regime, with several well-financed challengers seeking his seat in the House. Shouldn’t everyone sincerely admire Amash’s great respect for the office of the presidency and how Trump’s presidency has become a total embarrassment to many of our citizens and especially to our friends around the world?

Frank Davis


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