After all of the tragic events in our state in the last couple of months, I feel compelled to give my opinion.

I am so disappointed in the actions of the following people, two of whom are elected officials.

I hate that barber Karl Manke felt he needed to embellish the truth to get people to support him in his need to work to support his family. The money they collected through all of those GoFundMe accounts needs to be donated to someone who really needs it.

Sheriff Brian BeGole, I voted for you because I thought we had the same values. Now that I know you put politics ahead of your constituents’ lives, I will not vote for you again.

Judge Matthew Stewart, I also voted for you and was one of your biggest supporters. You, too, chose politics over the lives of Shiawassee County residents. In case you haven’t noticed, the cases of COVID-19 in our county have risen drastically since the protests at the barbershop. There were many people standing close together without masks and with children, too.

Sheriff, I thought you were supposed to protect and serve our county, yet you did nothing. I am very disappointed in all of you and I hope other voters are too.

Jill Redmond


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I agree with Jill 100%


Very, very true!!!


100 % agree also. Very disappointed.

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