I don’t know the writer from Byron, but thanks for making my today, and every day.

I have never been so depressed, and then I saw your nature lesson and the wonderful way in which you showed delightful respect/humor for “That brave little mouse.”

As a longtime Republican, The Party of Lincoln, Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight David Eisenhower and George H.W. Bush, and Sen. John McCain, I have never been so heart-sick with those who call themselves Republicans, but have not the faintest clue about the defense/respect for and of the U. S. Constitution and false so-called party loyalty — rather a blinding herd mentality.

I can hear McCain yelling from his grave at Sen. Lindsey Graham, “Et tu, Brute?”

It was placed right in front of all of us last March, all 500 pages of Robert Mueller’s beautifully done and revealing report. The only problem is too many U.S. citizens today do not understand how to read and interpret for themselves in the day of Facebook, Instagram, Fox, CNN, ad nauseum.

Instead, they let good ole Attorney General William Barr intone, “You idiots don’t have to read for yourselves, just let me explain that after all those 500 pages of solid evidence, there is nothing conclusive.”

So, the fact that a dozen Russian military members were indicted for positive meddling in our 2016 presidential election was no big deal. After all, our president says, “Mr. Putin claims they did nothing wrong and you can take all dictators at their word. Trust me. I should know about dictators, the North Korean dictator and I are lovers. He says so, and we have so much in common.”

No obstruction of justice? Don McGhan, White House counsel, in the report states that on two different occasions the president of the United States directed him to instruct Attorney General Jeff Sessions to dismiss/fire the special counsel (Mueller) who was charged with investigating the president.

So, David Glenn, sometime I would like to shake your hand for having such an enlightened sense of humor, but also what a wonderful example for a great attitude on life you have given to us all.

With warm regard, and a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Dale Espich


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I have invited Thomas Ford to a cup of coffee for his insight into the "repubs." You would be welcome too.


RacerRay, I can not find where you invited me to go out for a cup of coffee. I think it is a great idea. Let me know when you would like to do it

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