Letter to the editor

It’s easy to forget we are a great nation and people, but our failure is not realizing we as a country have tried and, yes, failed at times to uphold values others do not share.

We constantly hear of all the negatives around us. Politics, the economy, global warming, gun violence and so many more. We become forced to be focused on everything bad in world which has many challenges. I do not mean to trivialize things like poverty and social injustice and all things that are negative in this world as there are many. Our job is to move forward as a united nation to face these issues. We have many more things that unite us then divided us. Of all the people I know even the ones I disagree with at times are truly people that value the ideals set forth in the Constitution.

With up-to-the-minute coverage by news organizations, opinion media and social media addiction, we have not reflected the values we hold dear. We are drawn to positions that divide us for others gain and fail to see the good in people every day.

A person who had more wisdom than most, my grandmother, said her mother always told her if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone don’t say anything. This is truly a lesson we could use today.

And for our soap opera politics today, there is a lesson in this. Winning is not the only thing, it’s how you play the game that counts and in the end that will always make you the winner. In all of our lives there are people that are more important to us than politics and presidents.

I know people believe different things and this may not be politically correct, but it is about something that happed 2,000 years ago. Charles Schulz had comic strip character Linus quote the Bible in a Christmas special networks were afraid would not be accepted in the political correctness of 1965. The simple story of a baby born to change the world is a story of grace, love and optimism. Something the world has always needed and needs today.

So through this season and all the year ahead I hope we can put our differences aside and remember the good in all people. Oh, and that Charlie Brown Christmas special that worried networks about being politically correct became one of the highest rated shows of all time. Sometimes the opinions of others don’t matter much.

Keith Bailey


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